ABS Meeting Apr 22, 2019 Gypsy Hoop Earrings

We will be using the brick stitch technique to embellish earring hoops using size 11 delica beads or seed beads. This is a versatile stitch that can be used to do elaborate decorating once the basics are learned. This is a beginner-level technique, no previous experience required. Project taught by Donna Mehnert.
Items to bring to the meeting to complete the project:
Set of hoop earrings, any size you prefer. I like the self-closing back style, but you can use any kind of closed-ring you prefer. (Possible source is WalMart. They have various colors, sizes and finishes. I prefer the ones with the level back attached,  not the wire that clicks into a catch, as that wire has fallen out. The ones pictured in the sample is what I like. You can get a set of 5 for like $4.88 or something. )

Beads – Size 11 seed or delica beads. Two or three colors are plenty. But you can bring whatever makes you happy.

Thread – I like using the Nymo/One G nylon thread for this because the thread will show and you can utilize its pretty color palette to match or contrast with your bead choices. If you prefer Fireline, that’s fine too. 6# works well.

Needles – size 10 or 12

Thread conditioner – Thread Heaven or Thread Magic

Bead mat and Scissors or Fireline snips and or thread burner