ABS Meeting: Jan 25, 2021 – Superduo Heart Pendant

  • 6:00-6:30pm Via ZOOM!   Socializing & Chatting 
  • 6:30-8pm Via ZOOM! Project Instructor: Rhonda Heidebrecht
  • 8-8:30pm      Via ZOOM!   !! Member Show and Tell !!


 ‘Tis the season!  For putting a little love in your heart!  You can go very traditional with pink or red or very campy with your colorway for these pendants (check out the skulls and rainbow heart photos.)   

Items needed to complete the project:  


  • 3 sizes of seed beads-    ~18 size 8’s, ~30 size 11’s, ~18 size 15’s  (using all the same color of seed beads seems to look best, but totally your choice)
  • 30 Superduo beads
  • 2    crystal rounds or bicones or fire-polished beads- 4mm     (there are other options-check the photos above and below)
  • Fireline 6 # beading thread
  • OPTIONAL:   jump ring(s); wire guard(s); necklace strap and clasp for pendant; dangle/dagger(s)/charm/teardrop/bicone beads; or a tassel (see example photos above and below)                  If you feel the finished heart is not stiff enough, I’ve had good luck using ProtectaClear, a clear, protective coating.  Jill Wiseman recommends it in her YouTube video about stiffening Russian leaves.


  • Beading needle – size 10 or 12
  • Scissors/snippers

This is a free pattern from Potomac Beads and is used with permission from the designer, Allie Buchman.  You can also find it on YouTube.

We will be sending out an email before the 25th to current members with instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting. 

If you’re not a member yet, you are welcome to visit a monthly meeting to see what we’re about.  If you want to attend, email austinbeadsociety@gmail.com and we’ll send you details.

-If you have questions or concerns, please email austinbeadsociety@gmail.com