ABS Meeting: July 23, 2018 – Making a Beaded Bead


Add another dimension to your beaded projects by creating beaded beads.  

Mary Stribling will be teaching us how to make the beaded bead pictured above.

  List of materials to bring to meeting:

— 11/0 seed beads

—  8/0 seed beads

—You will need 21 total graduated beads, sizes of your choice. (these should all be round beads)

       3 of the largest beads (not larger than 10 or 12 mm)

qty 6 each of the graduated smaller size beads. Ex: 8mm; 6mm, and 4mm (the 4mm beads can be fire polished or bicone)

             or qty 6 each of 10mm and 8mm and 6mm, depending on the size of your largest                                                     beads

—14 lb fireline (10lb will do, but 14lb is best)

—Size 11 and 12 needles

—Scissors and bead mat

       —(optional:   a dangle bead )