ABS Meeting June 24, 2019 –How to use UV Resin for Beading Components

Rhonda Heidebrecht and Laura Powell will teach us several techniques and effects using UV resin.

This is a VERY hands-on workshop; you will be able to take home several completed projects!

Some of the techniques that will be covered are:

                   -Using an open bezel to create a sandy beach

                  -How to embed dried flowers into resin.

                  -How to use UV resin on printed images in closed back bezels to make pendants and earrings, etc.

To be provided at the meeting by ABS:        Kits with the UV Resin, bezels, and UV lights will be provided. 

 Dried flowers, printed images, toothpicks, paper towels, the beachy inclusions, clear packing tape will also be provided.

Items to bring to the meeting to complete the project:  your scissors and tweezers, if you have some

Feel free to visit a monthly meeting before actually joining to see what we’re all about.