ABS Meeting: March 22, 2021 Elections, Contests, President’s Challenge

6:00-6:30pm Via ZOOM!  Socializing & Chatting 
6:30-8pm Via ZOOM!  Elections, Contests, President’s Corner final results
8-8:30pm      Via ZOOM!   !! Member Show and Tell !!
Here’s what we’ve got going on for the March monthly meeting —–
#1– Elections
All positions are up for election or appointment: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, a Member-at-Large
There are Coordinator positions as well: Membership, Hospitality, and Social Media
Term starts May and goes through April 2022
#2–  Contests!
 Three PRIZES to be awarded to the members who answer first and correctly 3 beading questions.
The PRIZES are:  
A gift certificate from Sea of Beads
A gift certificate from Austin Bead Gallery — our 2 favorite bead shops in Austin
and a huge, huge jar of beads with a kit or two.
#3–  A President’s Challenge!
This is where a beading piece you created is shown to your fellow ABS members. 
They will then vote (anonymously) as to which piece they think is best – based on 4 criteria:
    a) Selection of Materials (includes color combination)
    b) Originality (includes “is it attention-getting?”; imaginative use of materials)
    c) Quality of workmanship
    d) Overall design (harmony; balance (which doesn’t mean it has to be symmetrical 🙂 
Some rules:
  1) the piece’s stitches/techniques must comprise at least 75% of that month’s Challenge stitch/technique.
     You can use other stitches/techniques, but not more than 25% of the piece.
  2) the piece doesn’t have to be created during the month of the Challenge; it could be a piece you created in the past.
  3) you must be an ABS member
How to participate in the Challenge–
       — email photo(s) of your piece to   austinbeadsociety@gmail.com
           before the Sunday prior to the monthly meeting
    We will show the photos during the meeting and the other attendees will use the Zoom Chat feature to
    get their vote over to a designated person.   That’s as anonymous of a voting system as we can do at the moment.
For March’s meeting — there will be a prize for the piece with the most votes!
            The President’s Challenge is STRINGING
Please submit your photo(s) before Sunday, March 21, to       austinbeadsociety@gmail.com