ABS Meeting May 18, 2020 -CANCELED ! –Hammered Hoops

We have CANCELED the May 18 meeting due to COVID-19.

   6:30-8:30pm Project taught by Tonya Keville – from Sea of Beads

A pair of simple hoop earrings-to wear anytime, anywhere! This class shows you how to make them yourself… Learn how to shape, wrap, and hammer wire into a perfect circle for a fabulous pair of hoops. Tonya will go into depth on how to use your bench block and hammer, while showing you tips and tricks on how to work with wire. She has been making and selling hoops for years and is excited to share what she knows.  Join us for a fun (and sometimes noisy) project!

Items to bring to the meeting to complete the project: 

•  at least 2 feet of 18 gauge craft wire — NO ALUMINUM wire!
•  At least 1 pair of ear wires
•  Steel Bench Block
•  Ball Peen Hammer (4 oz is large enough) or a Chasing Hammer
•  Wooden or metal Mandrel (big enough for the hoop you want to make) Sea of Beads has a fantastic one!
•  Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Flush Cutter (the black handle cutter from Sea of Beads works great!)
•  Nylon Jawed Pliers, optional ( These are great if you make a mistake and need to straighten your wire out. It also helps make the wire stiffer.)

***** All these items are available at Sea of Beads and are very affordable.  Plus, they last forever, so once you buy them you will not have to replace them *****

Note:  Members can sell beaded wares at any monthly meeting!