ABS Meeting May 20, 2019 Bolas (Diagonal Peyote Stitch-Beaded Beads) Earrings

In May, we will learn to make Bolas!  These cute beaded beads are made using the diagonal peyote stitch. Instructor:  Lisa HerrNeckar

We will be following a tutorial created by Cath Thomas (with her blessing).

For your first time, I recommend that each size of bead be a different color. It will be easier to follow the directions that way.

Items to bring to the meeting to complete the project:  

Three sizes of seed beads – either     15°, 11°, and 8°  OR     11°, 8°, and 6°  


Beading needle (use what you like best for your size of beads, Size 13 should work well for all)


Beading mat (must have)