ABS Meeting: May 24, 2021 Micro Macramé and Beads

  • 6:00-6:30pm Via ZOOM and in-person!  Socializing & Chatting 
  • 6:30-8pm      Via ZOOM and in-person!  Micro Macramé and Beads
  • 8-8:30pm      Via ZOOM and in-person!   !! Member Show and Tell !!  

Instructor: Nora Pero

Nora will be teaching how to do the basic knots for micro macramé and showing all the stages of making the bracelet pattern. The main take away from the meeting will be how to do the knots.

If you would like to make this particular bracelet, you would go out to Etsy and purchase the tutorial. The cost is $10
The project is a bracelet called “Leaves” by Sherry Stokes. Her shop name is Knotjustmacrame on Etsy.
Here’s the URL — https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnotJustMacrame
Then look under the heading – Micro Macrame Tutorials She also has reasonably priced kits for the bracelet – 3 different colorways.

— Here are the supplies needed for the bracelet, which is optional:

We really, really recommend that people who come to ABG in person for the meeting, also connect via ZOOM as well (I’ll send out the ZOOM link for the meeting beforehand to ABS members) which means bringing a laptop or an iPad with you to the meeting. (Smartphone might have too small a screen)
With ZOOM, you’ll be able to see up close what Nora is doing. And we won’t all have to crowd around her, jockeying for a position where we can see.

During the meeting, for practicing the knots, you will need several pieces of thicker (thicker than .5mm) cord, NOT stretchable, 12″ long or so each, such as satin cords (like for kumihimo), paracord, or regular macrame cording.

12 x 4 mm cube beads
12 x size 6 seed beads
400 (4 grams) size 11 seed beads
2 x 8mm split rings
Lobster clasp
12 pieces of .5 mm cord, 36” each
Pins, Scissors
(There is NO need for GS Hypo Cement!)

Needed: an approx 12″x12″ knotting surface, such as a Macramé Board or cardboard or cork board or a bulletin board (needs to be a firm surface that you can pin your piece on as you work)

Optional: Liquid Stitch by Dritz*
(not recommended = Fray Check (it’s scratchy))—–

Nora says: I would recommend that the size 11 beads be checked to see if they fit on the .5mm cord, as some coatings and Picasso finishes make the hole smaller.*

Instead of the Fray Check called for in the pattern, I recommend Liquid Stitch by Dritz. It can be found in the sewing section. (Also on Amazon) I like it because when it dries it is soft, not hard and rigid like the Fray Check.

Email austinbeadsociety@gmail.com if you have questions, comments, concerns. 

For those who want an in-person meeting, we’re meeting at Austin Bead Gallery     Of course, we will be wearing masks and doing our best to socially distance.       Austin Bead Gallery – 8440 Burnet Rd STE 100A, Austin, TX 78757

And for those who do NOT want an in-person meeting, we will also have ZOOM up and you can join in the meeting that way.        We’ll send out the Zoom info to join the meeting, closer to Mon, May 24, if you’re a member.

        If you’re not a member, please email austinbeadsociety@gmail.com