ABS Meeting: Sept 27, 2021 – Zoom meeting

→6:00-6:30pm Via ZOOM only ! Socializing & Chatting
 →6:30-8pm  Via ZOOM !  Goddess Bracelet
 →8-8:30pm  Via ZOOM ! Member Show and Tell!                                    

They’ve been called Goddess bracelets and ZigZag bracelets and Bubble bracelets and even Grapevine bracelets.
    They don’t require seed beads !!
Wow!!  I am so excited to do this bracelet pattern for the Sept 27 meeting!
Why?  Because they are EXTRA!
—- They are more than just simple stringing.
—  They can be GREAT destashers.
—  There are bunches of FREE tutorials out there.
— And there are many, many, many variations!  I’m going to give you info for 4 of them.
And you’ll get the idea of what can be done.  I, myself, have at least 6 variations that I want to make, each set out in baggies of materials.
—  We’re getting this pattern to you in time to make for mass holiday gift giving!

            Couple of tips:
Make sure that the bead holes are big enough to let the stringing material go through.
Not all the beads have to be the same color.
It can take a lot of jump rings.
Make sure the jump rings were made closed or that they are closed tightly.
It looks best if the jump rings and the beads are the same size.  For example, 6mm jump rings with 6mm beads.
It looks really pretty made with pearls!


Michaels – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD2GmrEkDHk

Beads     –                           35-40 beads-size 6mm

Stringing on:                    Beadalon 49 strand bead stringing wire

Chevron Pattern –           approx. 80 X 6mm jump rings

Closure –                           crimp beads and spring ring clasp

CSL Designs –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uurksx1Ks6Q
Beads     –                           35-40 X 6mm   (round or faceted)
Stringing on –                   20ga wire (round or twisted)  2 X 16in
Chevron Pattern –           20ga wire (round or twisted)  a strand 6 ½ ft
Closure –                           spring ring clasp

Rhonda’s Halloween design – to be shown on Sept 27

       For 7in bracelet / 8in with adjustable knot:

Beads     –                           30 X 6mm pearl beads

Stringing on –                   1mm leather cord – approx. 2 X 20in

Chevron Pattern –           30 X 6mm jump rings

Closure –                           button and knots

Fusion beads – https://youtu.be/9yApaEDoUyI

Beads     –                           size 8 seed beads 

Stringing on –                   .5 mm leather cord ( or .5mm thread)

Chevron Pattern –           86 X 4mm  21ga jump rings

Closure –                           button and knots 

And a couple more variations–     (from https://georgiapdesigns.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/how-many-ways-to-make-a-goddess-bracelet/ )

We’ll be emailing the link to the Zoom meeting to ABS members. 

If you’re not a member, you can attend 1 meeting free to see what we’re about. 

Email: austinbeadsociety@gmail.com for Zoom link. and any questions or concerns