April 24, 2017 Meeting


April 24th, 6:30 p.m.

Beaded Kumihimo by Nora Pero

Nora will teach us how to make a Kumihimo braid with beads. This technique closely resembles a bead crochet rope when finished- but it is much, much easier!

You will need:
Kumihimo disk and bobbins
Size 8 beads, one six inch tube
S-Lon or C-lon cord
Measuring tape
Big Eye needle (also called open Eye Beading Needle)

Prior to class: please have the entire tube of beads threaded onto the cord. DO NOT cut the cord from the spool. Having this step done ahead of time will allow us to get right to the fun of beading.

When selecting the color of the cord, Nora suggests using a color that is the same shade or a bit darker than your beads.

If you have not done Kumihimo before, it is highly recommended that you practice first with fiber, rattail cord or yarn first. Fiber kits will be available for $1.00. Once you get the hang of it (and it is very easy!) then you will be ready to add beads to the mix.