April 2016 Meeting

April Meeting- Monday April 25th, 6:30 p.m.

Macrame Wrap Bracelet

Presented by Danielle Baker

Chan Luu bracelets have been all the rage the past few years but if you’re like Danielle, you’re ready for a refreshed version of the popular wrap bracelet. Join us at our next meeting and learn how to macrame a fantastic bracelet. Make it short, make it long, make it any way you want. You’ll learn how to attach various styles of clasps and two different knotting techniques. Fun and informative, this is a project you definitely won’t want to miss!

You will need:

1 spool S-Lon (thicker diameter, not the thin, thread-like diameter)

1 card Griffin cord (this is needed if the S-Lon is too thick for the holes in your beads; if your beads fit on the S-Lon the Griffin cord is not needed)

Beads (enough to wrap around your wrist as many times as you’d like) Beads as small as size 8 seed beads up to 6mm in diameter work well.

GS Hypo-Cement


Thread cutters

Button (or clasp and other associated findings)

Ruler or measuring tape.