August 22nd, 2022 – ABS Meeting

Desert Sunset Bracelet – Materials for August project
– One 24” length of leather ***
– One 13” length of leather ***
– Pewter button with a shank on the back center (10-15mm recommended)
– 12 gemstone large hole beads of 8mm size
– 7 large opening metal beads
You need to be able to string the gemstone beads on a single strand of leather, and be able to place three strands worth through the metal beads (you can use two ends of the 24” strand plus the 13” strand to test this out) but not much larger than 3 strands
For example, 2mm leather will require a metal bead with at least a 5mm opening
For this project, 1.5mm leather is recommended.
Large opening metal beads have been spied at both AGS and Sea of Beads
Large hole 8mm gemstone beads have been spied at both AGS and Intrinsic Trading (on Palmer in south Williamson County)
You will also need some sharp scissors for cutting the leather and some super glue to secure the knots, if you want
Meeting Timeline
· 6:00-6:30pm – Socializing & Chatting
· 6:30-8pm – Teaching and Beading 
· 8-8:30pm – Members Show and Tell
Meeting will be held at Austin Bead Gallery
· Austin Bead Gallery – 8440 Burnet Rd STE 100A, Austin, TX 78757
We have door prizes at every in person meeting. Do not miss out on your chance to win some wonderful prizes.
Any questions or concerns, please email to