Color Theory – With Pamela Way – Feb. 27th, 2023

Come to a Color Theory class to get answers to some of your questions about using color in beadwork, such as….

  • Why do my colors sing in this piece, but not that piece?
  • How do I know what colors to choose?
  • I want to sell my work, but how do I know what colors other people will like?
  • Why does that focal bead, that I spent so much money on, get lost in the composition?
  • I’m super motivated to make a new piece, so why am I overwhelmed by color choices when I get to the bead store?
  • I designed a beautiful bead weaving pattern, and up close it is so pretty….but why can’t I see the detail from even just 2 or 3 feet away?

Beads have only one fault: you can’t mix a blue bead with a yellow bead to get a green bead. In this interactive class we’ll explore how to manage this bead fault and  other color issues. If you have a color wheel bring it to class (any “brand” or size is okay). Also, if you’re comfortable with it, bring one or two pieces you think were very successful, or not very successful (in terms of color). Finally, bring your questions.