ABS Meeting - Feb 24 2014

Flora by Linda Porter – Feb. 24, 2014, ABS Meeting

About the Class

We will be using Super Duos or Twins (different manufacturers), some of the new two hole-beads that are so hot now.  Size 11 seed beads help join the Duos or Twins into a circular flower.  We will be stitching two circular flowers for earrings.  The stitch is peyote in the round.

blue and white earrings made with super duos

Supplies Students Should Take to Class

Students should bring the following tools and supplies to the meeting:

  • size a 12-13 beading needle
  • Fireline
  • 24 size 11 seed beads
  • 48 duos/twins in one color
  • 12 duo/twins in a second contrasting or complementary color. 
  • It would be a good idea to have a few extra duos/twins since occasionally they have a clogged hole. 

Linda will have kits available for $6, which include everything – earwires, Fireline, needle, duo/twins, 11 seed beads.

About Linda Porter

I’ve taught Biology and in manufacturing.  I’ve been involved with beading for over 15 yrs. and started teaching a few classes 10 years ago.  My work is primarily seed beading but I’ve done bead assembly, embroidery, wirework, and have recently gotten into metal working.  Other hobbies I do, when not beading, are knitting and making quilts.