July 2016 Meeting, Monday, July 25, 6:30 pm

Make Your Own Findings

Presented by Nora Pero, President of the Austin Bead Society.

Ever been frustrated or had to stifle your muse because you didn’t have the right color/size/type of finding?  Imagine your pride when you can point out that you made the entire set of earrings- including the hand forged ear wires!  Nora will show you how to manipulate wire to make your own jump rings, ear wires, and clasps.




We will be using:

18 & 20 g wire (hint- you can find cheap copper wire at the hardware store- perfect to practice with)

Flush wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Flat/chain nose pliers

Chasing hammer

Steel block or mini anvil

Cup burr

Ruler or measuring tape

Bead mat

Optional: bail pliers, jump ring maker, rawhide mallet


Don’t worry if you don’t own these tools or (like me) don’t even know what they are. Nora will also discuss different tools used in making your own findings. If you have not bought any yet, you might want to wait until after the presentation to help you decide what you need for what you want to do.

Danielle Baker and The Bead Stash will provide some tools we can use that evening.  Also, she will have new tools available for purchase that evening.