ABS Meeting: July 26, 2021 – Beading Social !

An evening of beading and noshing with ABS beading buddies  —
→6:00-6:30pm Via ZOOM and in-person!  Socializing & Chatting
→6:30-8pm      Via ZOOM and in-person!  Munching, Beading & Talking
→8-8:30pm      Via ZOOM and in-person!   !! Member Show and Tell !! 

Ever wish we had a meeting where we just beaded and chatted (and maybe ate ! )
Here’s our chance — Monday, July 26
Just bring what you want to work on and visit and bead .

You get to finish one of those WIP’s (works in progress) and use up beads you already have.
You might have a beading question and you can bring it up and maybe somebody can help you out.
Find out how people survived 2020 and what’s new in 2021.

Please feel free to bring a snack to share and we’11 all laugh and eat and bead to our hearts’ content.

For those who want an in-person meeting, we’re meeting at Austin Bead Gallery     Of course, we will be wearing masks.  Austin Bead Gallery – 8440 Burnet Rd STE 100A, Austin, TX 78757
And for those who do NOT want an in-person meeting, we will also have ZOOM up and you can join in the meeting that way.        We’ll send out the Zoom info to join the meeting closer to the date, if you’re a member.

        If you’re not a member, please email austinbeadsociety@gmail.com