June 2016 Meeting – June 27, 6:30 pm

More About Gem Stones

Presented by Chip Burnette of the Austin Gem & Mineral Society.

For many bead lovers, working with gem stones is the epitome of beadwork. June’s program will bring us a wealth of information covering:

  • What is the difference between precious and semi-precious stones?
  • What are the most popular stones used by beaders?
  • How can a stone be determined to be genuine or imitation?
  • How can it be determined if a stone has been dyed?
  • What are do the different terms indicate: druzies, stones, rocks, crystals, other?
  • Is there a general approach to identifying stones/rocks/crystals?
  • What are the different/most popular cuts of stones/rocks/crystals?
  • Which stones/rocks/crystals can be drilled by jewelry artists at home and what type of setup is needed?
  • “I have heard that stones/rocks/crystals are often sold as ‘genuine’ but this isn’t true”…what do you need to know about this?
  • What properties should a buyer pay attention to when shopping?
  • How is the value of stones/rocks/crystals determined?  ie; mass vs clarity vs other physical properties.

Chip will have a power-point presentation to show examples and invites members to bring any stones they would like to have discussed.

About Chip:  “I am a lapidary, metalsmith, and wire-wrapper, and have been a member of the Austin Gem and Mineral Society, the Tri-Cities Gem and Mineral Society, and the Rollin Rock Club for many years. I have attended and taught at the Shreveport Bead retreat, the Texas Bead Retreat, Tyler Bead Retreat, and The Arkansas Bead Cave. I understand beading and creating mixed media jewelry.”