An Autumn/Fall President’s Challenge!

Theme: Autumn / Fall
When: Entries are due NO LATER THAN Oct 16, 2021. Email entries to: .
Up to two (2) submissions are allowed per paid ABS member.
Voting will happen 10/18 – 10/24. Results will be revealed at the October ABS meeting on Oct 25, 2021.

Item: Anything containing at least 75% beads
 Bracelets, earrings, wall hangings – whatever your heart desires!
 Can be something you made years ago or just for this challenge.
Mmm…Fall. Conjures up cozy layers, changing leaves, yummy flavors (I personally love
pumpkin spice) ….at least it does if you live north of Central Texas. Ha! Well, I guess we’ll
have to use our imagination as we’re still sweating in shorts around here until November.
Show us your best reds, browns, oranges, blacks, earthy greens, etc., to convey to us what
Fall means to you (yes, this includes Halloween)!
With your submission, please include what colors you used and how it represents your
thoughts on this lovely time of the year. I am a harsh critic and if I don’t think it meets the
criteria, it won’t be on the ballot; so make me believe your work of art is all about Autumn!
After I have received submissions, I will assemble them into one document and email them to
members. All entries will be anonymous on the voting ballot.
I will include voting instructions and what prizes are available at that time.
The President’s Challenge is an evolving fixture. We may be trying new ways to submit and vote each
event, so be patient with us as we work towards a fun, rewarding challenge!
Thank you for being active members and I look forward to seeing your submissions!
See you October 25th (TBD if in person or via Zoom)!
Lisa HerrNeckar Social Media Coordinator