“Ring A Ding Ding” by Karen Meador – April 27th 2015

April Meeting
Monday April 27th, 6:30 p.m.
Camp Mabry
Ring A Ding Ding
presented by Karen Meador
Tools and materials: hammer, bench block, ring mandrel (and mandrel holder if available), flush cutters, round nose and chain nose pliers, ruler or measuring tape. 14 gauge wire for “Rose” ring. 16 gauge wire for “S” ring. Optional: 2-3 mm beads for embellishment and 22-24 gauge wire for attaching beads.

NOTE: It is easier to make these rings with either sterling silver or bare copper wire than to use parawire, artistic wire or coated wire. Most of the wire sold in craft stores has some type coating on it and does not manipulate as nicely. Karen will have extra wire for purchase at her cost if you do not have this type of wire.

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