September President’s Corner

Caron Bailey
Caron Bailey

Wow!  We are almost through another beadiful year and I’m so excited for what’s yet to come. 

First, let me take a moment to thank Nora Pero, our Vice President and August presenter.  We tried something new designed to give you a forum to ask questions and just to demonstrate tips and techniques.  I hope you guys found it as useful as I did.  I was also amazed by all of the wonderful pieces that you brought for show and tell…I think that was the most pieces we’ve ever had.   I’d also like to thank Pamela Larson of Beadstuff for bringing a stash of “new” beads for us to explore.  Suzanne Ortiz also presented our Bazaar Challenge…don’t forget to contact her for more information and to get your challenge kit.

The time is almost upon us as Nomadic Notions is in its final closeout stage.  If you haven’t already checked them out, now would be a good time as they are now at 70% off…don’t know if they’ll discount any further, but 70% ain’t nothing to shake a stick at either.  With that said, please don’t forget to support our Patron Members as well:  Beadstuff, Lapis Lane Beads, Marrs Beads and Sea of Beads.  

The Annual Bazaar is almost upon us and we need your help to ensure it’ success.  The dates are 8 – 9 November 2014 and we’ll need volunteers.   The vendor application is posted here on the website and will be uploaded in the Yahoo Group as well for your use.  In addition, we need you to help spread the word through “word of mouth” and also to distribute the tear sheets and flyers.  Remember the success of our bazaar depends on getting lots of foot traffic to ensure our vendors are successful.  Finally, the September President’s Challenge.  Before I tell you what this month’s challenge is, I just want to remind you that you can browse through the previous challenges and continue to work them and present them during Show and Tell…

Now!  On to the September Challenge…The challenge for September is not a “stitch” challenge per se.  There are so many “new” beads available to us beaders today–Silky, Superduos, Half Tilas, O-beads and so on and so on–that my head is spinning (in a good way of course).  This month’s challenge is to make/design a piece that incorporates at least two of the “new” beads.  You can have more than but not less than two.  I’m excited to see what you come up with.  

Happy Beading!