“Silver Silk” Crystal Stitched Bracelet by Sue Charette-Hood – June 23rd

About the Class

This class requires a $12 kit containing: Silver Silk 3mm Round Capture Rope x 16-18 inches (choose from 10 colors)Silver Silk double end cap x2 (choose from silver, copper, gold or gun metal)

 Silver Silk Crystal Stairway Bracelet: Student will learn to stitch crystal beads between silver silk wire ropes to create a single wrap bracelet that feels like silk and shines like diamonds! Suitable for beginners to bead stitching.

Silver Silk Wrap Crystal SUPPLY LIST

Screenshot 2014-06-11 at 7.10.56 PM


Supplies Students Should Take to Class

  • 4mm Czech Fire Polish Crystals, pearls or 5mm Tila Beads x40- 45 (NO rondelles)
  • Clasp x1 , Jump ring x2
  • 6 lb smoke fireline
  • #10 beading needle,
  • scissors,
  • wire cutters,
  • measuring tape,
  • beading mat,
  • flat nose pliers x 2 and lamp.


About the Teacher

Sue has been an award winning jewelry artist and instructor since 2000 and has been published in many beading magazines since 2011. She has taught for Beadfest, bead societies, bead stores and bead retreats across the USA and in Canada. She belongs to several bead societies and is currently the president of the San Antonio Bead Society. The Silver Silk Company has involved Sue in the marketing of their products since 2012 and her designs can be seen on their website. Sue teaches locally at Originals bead store in San Antonio and at Sea of Beads store in Austin.