“X’s and Ohhhhs Chenille Stitch Bracelet” presented by Caron Bailey

About the Class

Chenille stitch produces a beaded rope suitable for adding elaborate pendants or it can be worn without additional adornment.  It is a combination of the netting and Ndebele techniques.

What specific techniques will the students learn?  Basic ladder stitch, and modified herringbone (Ndebele) stitch; attach a clasp


Supplies Students Should Take to Class

    • 8/0 seed beads color A and color B (1 is an accent color),
    • thread of choice (fireline, nymo etc)
    • beading needle
    • beading mat
    • nippers/scissors
    • clasp of your choice
    • wire guards (optional)



About the Teacher

I delved into the world of beading and jewelry making through sheer stubbornness.  I love, love, love bling of all kind.  I used to shop at my favorite store for lots of costume pieces and one day looked at the price of a piece and said to myself, “Why are you paying all that money, when you can make it yourself.

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